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DRAW WORKS                              IDECO 1200-D  Electric AD/SCR System.
                                                         Electric GE 752 Traction Motors from IPS SCR System 1200HP Input Power.              
AUXILLARY BRAKE                       Elmago Model 6032.
POWER GENERATION                     Diesel electric AC/DC
DISTIBUTION                                  3 Caterpillar 3512 TA. Engine Rated HP 1435HP Each
                                                           Generator Manufacturer KATO Model LSCR.
                                                           Rated KVA 1750. Frequency 60HZ. Voltage 600 Speed Control Woodward.
                                                           Total KVA 5250 Total Capacity  
MAST                         National Oilwell .Cantilever Triple.
                                  Static Hook Load &Gross Hook Load Capacity:1,067,000 Lbs 454 MT.
                                   Height : 142 Feet. 43.28m.
                                   Casing Stabbing Board. National model CSB-GOM.Range 23 to 47 Feet.
                                   Racking Board/Monkey Board. DP Capacity  126 Stands 5”DP.3stds  9”DCs.8Stds 8” DCs.
                                   Simultaneous Hook Load & Racking back ratings : 1,067,000 Lbs.
                                   Raising Lines Holloway Houston Inc.2 ½”HH 103 IWRC EIP(DOM) 60.4Ton
                                   Proof test 120.8Ton.
SUBSTRUCTURE                National Oilwell SS800-26-LS-NOW.
                                             Dreco Slingshot. Rig Floor Dimension: 41Ft long by 38 Ft wide.
                                             Rig floor height: 26 Ft. Clear Heght for BOP 20Ft.
                                             Set back Capacity (Simultaneous) 1,280,000 Lbs. Casing Capacity 450,000Lbs.
                                             Pipe ramp.V-Door with stairways. Cat walk 2 Sections 60ft Long.
                                             BOP Trolley Beams & Hydraulic hoists 25 Ton Each.
                                             Type Hydraulic telescoping.  Pinned on wheels.
                                              Height above ground level 25ft.
                                              Clear height below rotary beams  22ft.
ROTARY TABLE                    National Oilwell Model C-250 / 27 ½” Opening
                                               API Static load rating(MT) 307MT.
                                               Pin Drive. Input HP. 700 HP.
                                               Chain drive from drawworks . Transmission 3 Speed on Drawworks.
                                               Master bushings (Split & Solid) Lockable. Insert Bowls Nos 1-2-3.
                                               Minimum and Maximum RPM. 20  to 120 rpm..
KELLY DRIVE BUSHINGS          DEN CON : Model HD. Roller for Kelly Size 5 Ό” Hex
KELLY                                            Manufacturer Interdrill
                                                          5 Ό” Hexagon.
                                                          API Connections 6 5/8” Reg LH Top and 4 ½” IF Bottom.
                                                          Quantity Two.
CROWN BLOCK                      National Oilwell Model M14221-LS-NOW.
                                                 API Load rating 467 mt.
                                                 Number of sheaves 7. Diameter 52 Inches.
TRAVELLING BLOCK                      National Oiwell Model 545G350.
                                                          Load rating 307 mt.
                                                          Numer of sheaves 5 Diameter 45”.
                                                         Compatable to mast crown cluster weight load rating and sizing.
HOOK                                  National Oilwell 454G350.
SWIVEL                              Block/Hook combination. API Rating 307MT.
                                            National Oilwell Model P-300.
                                            API   Load rating 300 Ton.
                                            Working Pressure 5000 psi.
                                            3” Wire line entry at top of swivel..
                                             2ea Quick change wash pipe assemblies.
KELLY SPINNER                     International Tool Company.
                                                 Model  A6C.
                                                 Type.   Pneumatic.
                                                  API Load rating 350Ton.
                                                  API Connections : 6 5/8” Reg LH pin and box
ELEVATOR LINKS                           Byron Jackson.
                                                          Model. BJ Weldless
                                                          Size (in) 3 Ό” 
                                                          Length (in) 1ea  132”/ 1ea 216”
                                                          API Load rating   350 Ton.
MANUAL SLIPS                           2ea 5” DP  slips Wooley Type B extra long..
FOR DRILL PIPE                          2ea 3 ½”DP  Slips.Wooley Type B extra long
MANUAL SLIPS                            2ea  9 ½”DC slips  Wooley TypeA..
FOR DRILL COLLARS                   2ea  8 Ό  DCslips  Wooley Type A.
                                                        2ea  6 ½”DC slips Wooley Type A.
                                                        2ea. 4 Ύ”DC slips  Wooley Type A.
ELEVATORS DRILL PIPE.             Wooley 350 Ton.
                                                          2ea 5” 350Ton.
                                                          2ea 3 ½”250Ton.
                                                          Type Centre Latch.
                                                          API Load Capacity 350 ton/250ton.
ELEVATORS DRILL COLLAR.        Wooley 150 Ton 2ea size
                                                          Size. 9 ½”—8 Ό”—6 ½”—4 Ύ”
                                                          Type Side Door.
                                                          API Load capacity 150Ton.
MANUAL ROTARY              Wooley Model Type DB and Type SDD.
 TONGS                                 API Torque ratings ft/lbs. 64,000 and 100,000 ft/lbs
                                              For OD Range  3 ½” to 5” and  5” to 10”
                                              Size of jaws available 3 ½” to  10”
SPINNING WRENCH                  Varco Model  SSW 10.
                                                     Roller Type 3 ½”to 5”
BIT BREAKERS                           1 ea 17 ½’’, 12 Ό’’ , 8 ½’’ 6’’
BIT GUAGES                               1 ea 17 ½’’ , 12 Ό’’ , 8 ½’’ , 6’’
CASING SLIPS                                Manufacturer  Wooley
                                                          Type  C.
                                                          API Load rating  350 Ton.
                                                          Slips for ea csing size 18 5/8” 16” 13 3/8” 9 5/8” 7” 5’
CASING ELEVATORS                     Manufactrer Blohm & Voss
                                                          Model         SDS.
                                                          Casing size  13 3/8” 9 5/8”  7”
                                                          API Load Rating  150 Ton & 250Ton
SINGLE JOINT ELEVATORS          Blohm & Voss.
                                                          Model      SJ.
                                                          Casing size  13 3/8” 9 5/8” 7”.
                                                           API Load rating   5 Ton.
SLIP TYPE CASING SPIDER         Manufacturer  BJ.
                                                          Model  350 Ton.
                                                          Slip inserts  13 3/8” 10 Ύ” 9 5/8” 7” 5”
                                                          Guides top and bottom.
                                                          Rotary table base plate.
                                                          API  Load rating 350 Ton.
SLIP TYPE CASING                     Manufacturer BJ.
ELEVATORS.                                 Model 350 Ton
                                                       Slip inserts  13 3/8” 10 3/4”    9 5/8” 7”
                                                       Guide plates.& Bell guide.
                                                       API Load rating 350 Ton.                            
CASING POWER TONG                   Manufacturer Wetherford
                                                          Model range.        7” to 13 3/8”,
                                                          Casing Jaw size.   7”  9 5/8”  13 3/8”.
TUBING POWER TONG                  Eckel  4 Ό” UHT, Jaw assemblies for 2 3/8’’ to 5 ½’’ tubing.
HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT.           Wetherford.
                                                           75 HP. Electric.
DRILL PIPE OD 5”                          Grade                G-105.
                                                          Weight ppf        19.5
                                                          Number of joints.383.
                                                          Total length       12,000Feet.
                                                          Connections NC-50.
                                                          Internal plastic coating.
                                                          New Pipe.
                                                          Smooth flush hard banding.
                                                          Manufacturer Grant Pridco.                                                         
5” OD PUP JOINTS.                        Grade    G-105.
                                                          Weight ppf 19.5.
                                                          No of Joints 3x20ft 3x15ft. 3x10ft 3x5ft
                                                          Connections NC50.
HWDP     OD 5”                                Weight 49.3 ppf.
                                                           Number of joints 30(Length 939 ft.)
                                                           Connections NC-50
                                                           Smooth Flush hard banding.
DRILL PIPE OD 3 ½’                      Grade       G-105.
                                                           Weight     13.3ppf.
                                                           Number of joints  383.
                                                           Length    12,000ft.
                                                            Connections  NC38.
                                                           Internal plastic coating.
                                                           New pipe
                                                           Smooth Flush Hard banding.
                                                           Manufacturer Grant Pridco.
PUP JOINTS 3 ½”                           Grade S-135
                                                            Weight 13.3 ppf
                                                            Number of joints 3x20ft  3x15ft.  3x10ft  3x5ft.
                                                            Connections NC-38.
DRILL COLLARS                                   6 joints of 9 ½’’ Spiral drill collars
                                                                24 joints of 8 Ό’’ Spiral drill collars
                                                                24 joints of 6 ½’’ Spiral drill collars
MUD PUMPS                                         Manufacturer National Oilwell. Two each.
                                                                Model.    10-P-130.
                                                                Type    Triplex
                                                                Prime mover.GE 752 DC Traction motor
                                                                 Maximum Pressure  3900 psi with 6” Liners. Stroke Length 10”.
                                                                 Charge Pumps 6 x 8 Centrifugal. Charge pump drive 75HP Electric Motor.
                                                                  Suction dampners. Pulsation dampners K-20.
                                                                   Liner sizes 6”   6 ½”
MUD TANKS                                          One shaker tank.  Three compartments.  Total Volume 594 bbls.
                                                                One suction tank. Three compartments. Total volume 563 bbls
                                                                One reservetank.   Two compartments.   Total volume 750 bbls
                                                                Grand total volume 1907bbls.
                                                                Trip tank     78 bbls.        Slug pit 94 bbls.
                                                                Agitators,bottom guns and dump gates in all pits.
                                                                Positive sealing dump gates and equalizers in all pits.
                                                                Two mixing pumps and hoppers.
                                                                 Manufactured NEW.
WATER TANKS .                                     Number of water tanks four.
                                                                 Total capacity  2300 bbls.
MUD MIXING SYSTEM.                  Two each venture type mixing hoppers feed by 6x8 centrifugal pumps
                                                          driven by 100 HP Electric motors able to suck from settling pit ,suction pit,
                                                           slug pit, and reserve pit and to discharge in to any pit via mixing line or 6”
                                                            gun line
HORIZONTAL VACUUM                  Manufacturer Swaco. Model. Centrifugal Capacity 1400 gal/min         
SOLIDS CONTROL                                Shale Shacker  Quantity 3
                                                                Manufacturer   Swaco.
                                                                Model   Mongoose
                                                                Type: Linear motion & Orbital motion.
                                                                1 each De-Sander Swaco.
                                                                Model 212.
                                                                Flow rate capacity  1,000gal
                                                                Processin pressure  45 psi
                                                                HP Drive motor 75.
                                                                Number of cones 2x12..
PIPING                                             Mud pump, standpipe manifold, rotary hoses, 5,000 psi working pressure.
                                                          Cementing standpipe 2” x 5000psi from cement manifold on rig floor
                                                          tied in to the standpipe manifold with 2 isolation valves.
BOP STACK                                            Manufacturer  Hydril.
                                                                Model  Spherical GK. 13 5/8” Working Pr 5000psi.
API Specifications New 2005.
                                                                Manufacturer  Cameron.
                                                               API Specifications. New 2005.
                                                               Type U.
13 5/8’’x.5000.W.P.Outlet size and working pressure 4 1/16 x 5000psi.
Top and bottom connections flanged.
High Pressure Test pump unit. Manufacturer CAD
                                                                Model S10G-M- Type SSR-4 Working Pr 10,000psi.
                                                                1 ea choke line  Coflex3” ID Armour coated Flanged 10,000psi Gate valves
                                                                Church and Cameron1 HCR.
                                                                Type FC 5,000psi Gate valves flanged. MeetsAPI Specs
                                                                Two each manual and one ea hydraulic.
                                                                1ea Kill line. Steel chicksan line model 3”ID .
                                                                Connections  2” Fig 1502 Hammer unions.
                                                                Manufacturer: Church. Type FC 5000psi –Two ea Gate valves flanged
                                                               One ea Check valve.
                                                                Meets API Specs.
BOP HYDRAULIC                                  Koomey,
POWER UNIT                                         Model- Type-80. Capacity reservoir 320 galls. Number of bottles 20
Capacity of bottles 200 galls. Usable volume of storage bottles: 200galls.
Total capacity 520galls. Working pressure 3000psi Meets API Specs.
Electric driven pumps. Koomey Model UET 25HT460 Triplex. WP 3000psi
 Pnuematic pumps Koomey  Model UA8626-T  Type 8 ½”
HYDRAULIC CONTROL                           Type:  KOOMEY.
MANIFOLD                                                UEGT2RB07P10
REMOTE CONTROL                               Manufacturer Koomey
                                                               Locations Rig Floor and Accumulator Unit
PANELS                                                  Alarm Types Low oil pressure. Low air pressure. Low fuid level.
CHOKE MANIFOLD                                Manufacturer  Church. Model  FC 5000psi gate valves flanged Size 3 1/8”
Meets API Specs. Quantity 14.
Automatic Choke. Swaco Super Choke: Type Hydraulic. Size 3 1/8.
Manual Choke: Church Model TB Type manual gate Size 3 1/8”
Meets API Specifications..
Choke consul   Swaco.
H2S Trim
MUD GAS SEPERATOR.                      Poorboy. Location : End of shaker tank. Dimensions 36” OD X 20 Ft high
                                                               Inlet 8”. Liquid capacity 1000gpm. Height of fluid head or
                                                                level control valve 15 ft.
                                                               6 Internal baffles. Vent line 6”
SURVEY EQUIPMENT                           Totco, Go-Devil.
                                                                Two  0-8 and 0-16 degree clocks, Overshot for wireline,
                                                                Totco rings, sinker bars---2 ea.,
FISHING EQUIPMENT                          Bowen series 150 overshots for each size hole, Bowen type Z fishing jars,
                                                                Bowen bumper subs Grapples to fit all in hole tools.
AUXILLARY EQUIPMENT                     Air compressors Sullair-G466 Drive electric Volume of air tanks 150cuft.
                                                                Capacity 200cuft Pressure ratig 125 psi
Welding equipment, Two electric welding machines
Miller 500 amp.
Workshop and repair facilities.
High Pressure Washdown Unit.
Diaphram Pumps.
Two each diaphragm air operated
1 each front end loader
ach crane. Minimum 50 ton.
complete down hole tools
Cranes One 50 Ton.
Forklift, Caterpillar 966- 8 Ton
ACCOMMODATION RIG SITE             Porta cabins de-lux c/w bathroom.
COMPANY REP                                      Office/ Bathroom /Bedroom/Lounge room.,
RIG MANAGER                                      Full climate control
CONTRACTORS OFFICE.                      As above
SERVICE COMPANY OFFICE                Double ended office fitted out with furniture
CONTRACTORS ACCOMODATION     Chief Electrician, Chief Mechanic, Medic.
MUD ENGINEERS LAB                          Complete with all accessories.
MEDIC ROOM                                        Fully equipped   one bedroom (for sick or injured)
DRESSING BARRACKS.                       Complete with showers and Toilets.
CAMP SITE                                            45 Senior beds/ 60 Junior Beds.
ACCOMMODATION.                             Senior accommodation c’w Bathroom, Senior and Junior Kitchens
CAMP GENERATORS                            Two Caterpillars, 3412 DITTA.
Power:  635 KVA, Volts:   400, HZ 50.














































































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