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This Site is to introduce Yemen International Drilling, a division of Al-Hashedi Group of Companies, HTC Yemen International, Limited.

 The philosophy of the Company has changed from that of leasing manpower and equipment to that of a "forward looking and thinking company" supported by its actions and positioning itself for "Total Project Management."  The Company, under the direction of its owner and CEO, Mr. Hussein Y. Al-Hashedi, (a Yemeni National) and its Management has a very qualified staff of Drilling, petroleum, mechanical and civil engineering personnel.  The Drilling Division is comprised of an International staff of managers, Tool Pushers, drillers, mechanics, electricians and safety professionals as well as Yemeni technical and manpower support.  The Company has also recognized the need for a high level of Quality, and Safety.  The Company is making progress towards ISO-9000 standards.   We are in the process of implementing computer driven quality programs to aid our clients on the drilling and work over contracts we are currently administering.  Safety and safety programs are an important part of any successful operation.  The Company currently takes safety very seriously and documents weekly safety talks and tips with all of our employees.  The commitment has been made to strengthen and improve upon the structure of this important program. Under the Company’s new philosophy and organization it is believed that the Company can be better managed utilizing a concept that lends itself to Total Project Management.

 The Company has grown and matured over the past fifteen years.  Fifteen years ago the Company had a very small number of used pieces of equipment, a small number of relatively untrained and undisciplined employees and a small  management staff with almost no clerical or administrative support.  The Company is housed in two new office buildings, with a large office staff functioning with computerized programs in almost all areas. The Company has three support facilities in Sana’a. One location is an equipment yard where we manufacture acetylene, oxygen, and nitrogen to support our welding operations and well services. We have two properties where we store large equipment items, large material items, and warehouse spare parts to support our field operations, beside the new Sana’a Yard for Rigs refurbishment and equipment maintenance.

 The Company has in excess of 1200 Major pieces of almost new equipment not to mention the minor pieces of equipment.  The Company currently employs approximately 1500 employees.

 With the addition of the Drilling and Work over division in 1998, the Company has recently expanded its services from Yemen National to International with the move into Sudan of heavy Caterpillar equipment, Ken worth C-500 & 953 trucks and an experienced team for moving drilling rigs. This operation is going well with high customer satisfaction. The Company continues to offer quality service to each and every project contracted with the Company retaining the high customer satisfaction in Yemen and internationally.

 With the above in mind, the Company would like to address eight areas, where we can provide quality support and service.

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